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Website Development Technology

Forming an ideal web solution with web development technology tools. Web development technology has helped to create customized solutions according to the requirement of the client. Each product is unique and shows an online presence for a business. has been catering to server side technologies as well as client side technologies.

Establish your online business presence with web technology services. Our team has successfully consulted and implemented many different business models on varied technologies / platforms. We have a fine edge with the latest technologies and our experience can help you select the right solution for your online business.

Our aim is to make your business process with our business application solutions. We have created business process management solutions to increase your business efficiency. All the platforms are customized to fit your requirements. Our customized development is designed and developed according to the requirements of your business. It is a high end application which suits your business requirements.

It  has been developing customized website development on wide variety of frameworks.

Our Team

Our team has been working on both open source and paid versions of software. We have been using high-end technology to serve our clients as well as meeting their ever-growing needs. We provide structured information through our mark up languages used in different software. We have been following the W3C standards which are clean as well as valid for website development. The scripts are lightweight that is why it is fast to download and viewable on all browsers.

Come and avail our services for better viewing and improve your business profits with our technology.

Platforms of Development Services:

AJAX Development

AJAX is an abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is one of the advanced web development technique and has created interactive and synergistic website development. Without interfering in the display and behavior of the page AJAX gives the web page dynamic and asynchronous web development team has been using AJAX website development solutions to build high-end website.

Ajax has helped in making customized application more sophisticated. The end-user can feel more connected to a website and communicate with the service-provider. To give the end-user an enhanced experience of online business is developing sites in this application.

Salient features of AJAX

  • Using Standards-based XHTML and CSS
  • Display customized and interaction dynamic
  • Using XML and XSLT for data interchange
  • Using XMLHttpRequest data retrieval
  • Compiled together by JavaScript

Digital Marketing Avenue is experienced in developing AJAX technology. We are able to provide rapid development for complex task to our clients. Our coding is less and programming is simple which enhances portability and interactivity.

AJAX website development has been considered the best programming technique to build and create web applications. The traditional gap between Desktop and web development has been removed by the improved interactivity of AJAX application. is able to develop customized website applications with this technology. This technology has tremendously improved the speed of work and interactivity and usability of the end-users. It has advantage to create a simple site to the most complex and sophisticated business application.

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